southerncreativity.com was an outgrowth of an idea by a few former UGA students/Athens area artists who were trying to keep their creative souls & energy engaged. So, someone had an idea... and then the idea was added to...and various folks tried different things on the web...

and then we decided to make it a real online arts community open to any 'Southern' artist who is interested in participating.

It was an interesting experience. So, as southerncreativity faces its first year as an arts community, we've decided to ditch the things that are not working so well, and try some new ideas (an expanded site focus, an arts magazine, etc. ) We're also looking for folks who write about art (music, literary, visual), review or critique art, DIY and art projects, well really, anything to do with the artworld. We will still highlight Southern artists, but the scope has expanded. So, the folks you meet here may not write about Southern artists or even currently live in the South, but their hearts are Southern and we'll take that.