On the Medium (pt. 5; creativity series)

On the artistic process and curiosity

The mediums don't have any drawbacks, I can clean up easily with watercolor and not be overcome with fumes. The challenges are also part of what interests me, the challenge of control. The computer is great because you can do things over without having to start from scratch. For work it is also a time saver..-- Cathy Card, Watercolor, pencil, computer art, http://www.cathycard.com, www. flowerfancier.com

I love many genres of music, but old country music is my favorite because of the way it incorporates so many elements of life, from the sacred to the profane. That's why I was inspired to make art revolving around that theme. I wanted to create a type of art that makes you feel as if you were looking at an old sign or poster, or even some type of shrine. I really enjoy using a variety of materials, such as small beads, bottlecaps, old fabrics, or anything else I can find. -- Rachel Cabaniss, painter (acrylics/ collage/ mixed media portraits on wood)

I enjoy all of the medium, unfortunately, that I've worked in. The sad part is that I don't get to as much as I would like to. Going back to the whole tracing Michael Jackson thing [an activity from his childhood], with a no. 2 pencil. The no. 2 pencil was my one and only friend for the longest time. I learned to make a bunch of different shades and tones and gradiations with a typical run of the mill kind of pencil... That was my main tool even through AP and independent study art.I only painted because I was forced to paint. I only made sculpture and 3 D assemblages in highschool because I was forced to...Even to this day, painting is more of an ulitatarian kind of thing but out of the love of graphite, it just kind moved to pastel, a variety of chalk and from there I started doing collage and then it was how can I work graphite and pastel and paint into the collage thing. Once I started grad school, assemblage became the manifestation of all of those things, to get to the tone, the different shades, the texture, without having to have a huge array of materials spread around me all of the time. So, I started working with the wood and then a variety of materials crept in, in true found materials, whether it be pots and teakettles, tires, those kinds of things. It's been a natural progression but personally, I am hoping to integrate more of what I used to do with what I do now, because drawing was my first love. -- Drèk Davis, multiple media artist(mixed media, digital, writing)

Ah, the medium. I like the tactile feel, the flow, the physical aspect of painting...plus the juicy juicy ... color, color, color. Painting can be kind of like dancing with the canvas in a way. I chose acrylics because I can pour whatever things (sand, paper, glitter, stones, leaves, bits of metal I pick up off of the ground... really, whatever...) into it to help me achieve a more dynamic quality, which all goes back to the "hidden in plain site and captured energy" thinking...I think I even approach photography with that same bent. Photography is about defining an instance of art, which is a little different from painting. -- Robin Fay, painter, photographer, web designer, www.robinart.com

I work in so many different mediums. I enjoy comics because it combines my two great loves, writing and drawing. I love the tactile nature of fiber art, and its practicality (especially with making wearable items). As for performance art, I’ve always been a bit of a ham! --Mary Jessica Hammes, Paper & Ink (comics); Fiber (quilting, knitting, wing); Performance (trapeze and aerial fabrics); Words (fiction), http://handywithaneedle.blogspot.com

Photography speaks to me so I use it to speak to other people. --Frank Hamrick, Photographer,http://web.nmsu.edu/~fhamrick

I am a very impatient painter. I can't spend days or weeks on one piece of art. I need to see immediate results. That is probably why I like painting with acrylic and house paint. It drys fast so I can keep moving.-- Bob Hart, bobhartart.com, creator of 9-11 Garden, currently working in 3d

I like making something from nothing. -- Will Langford, clay (wheel made, stoneware functional pottery).

I work in many different media, primarily because I find that media exclusivity is
creatively limiting (personally). I write, paint, draw, make prints, and sew. Sometimes I feel like working on something that incorporates each of these skills. -- Mandy Mastrovita, graphic design, writing, mixed media.

acrylic dries fast ... I am an impatient artist... Oil blends better but has a nicer finish.-- Jennifer L. Matias, painter(Acrylic, oil, interior design)

I chose collage because I am very fond of recontextualizing things; it's something I do a lot in other areas of my life. Also, I have pretty lousy hand-eye coordination, so I can't draw. Any art style where I don't have to draw anything by hand is a plus. --K.R.

Oils. I'm a bit of a snob I guess. I think I chose oils because that was the choice of many of the great masters. I continue to paint in oils because only they can offer me the depth I crave. It is hard for me to put into words how as you lay each stroke down over another how it transforms, how the light reflects on and in the painting. I do not mean the image, I mean the light on the pigment, the way it refracts. -- Sarah Margaret Stubbs, painter (oils), -- Sarah Margaret Stubbs, painter (oils), http://www.sarahstubbs.info/

I've always liked to play with fabric. When I was in my twenties, I took a quilting class and found my medium. I like the feel of fabric, and the colors and patterns are inspiring. The physical processes of cutting and sewing fabric are very satisfying, and the end result can be useful as well as beautiful. -- Marty Tanner Hughes, Fabric arts, quilter.

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