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Lamentations by Lori Lejeune

Nadir by Lori Lejeune
Ying Yang by Lori Lejeune

Throughout history, artists have used the tools at hand to create. Technology has become ubiquitous in the developed world and has presented artists with more tools and options to express themselves. As has always been the case, artists are appropriating these new tools and creating.

It is an exciting time in art history, the time of digital art. We are now in the early days of the digital medium, similar to the time when photography was new and not fully understood as a fine art medium.

Digital art comes in many exciting varieties one such being 3-d digital artwork. Using 3-d software--similar to the kind used to create animated films--a composition, a landscape, a world is built and arranged within the virtual environment of the computer. This virtual world can then be 'photographed' from any angle: top, bottom or sides. The 3-d digital process is a unique and time-intensive process that can be thought of as a combination of sculpting and photography.

The Game by Lori Lejeune
"Chess Series: The Game"
Photographic print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper

There is a school of thought in the 3-d world where the goal is to make the simulated scene indistinguishable from reality. While many artists have been amazingly successful at this and I support that approach, in my own artwork I see the world of the computer as a metaphor for the world of imagination. With that in mind, I tend to use the 3-d medium to approximate, symbolize and illuminate reality rather than strictly represent it.

KnightMoves by Lori Lejeune
"Chess Series: Knight Moves"
Photographic print on Fuji Crystal Archive paper

A frequent effect of artwork is to touch the human heart and touching the human heart is not limited to a specific medium. Art comes in myriad forms: poetry and prose, paintings, photography and pottery. Life is about change and digital art embraces and celebrates change. Digital art is powerful because art is powerful.

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-Lori Lejeune is an artist in Atlanta who explores the intersection of art and technology in her mixed media and photographic work. Recurrent themes are culture, context, humor and paradox. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the U.S. and collectors include: the Charter Management Company, Coronado Press, the Museum of South Texas, Mexic-Arte Museum, and the University of Texas Benson/Romo Collection, among others. Her website is

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