Phyllis Lear, mixed media artist and instructor (podcast)

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Phyllis Lear is a mixed-media artist and arts instructor.

Mixed-media artist and arts instructor Phyllis Lear tells us about how she developed her unique style of art-making and how she was able to preserve some of her work prior to the arrival of Hurricane Gustav. The musical interludes in this interview are provided by two musicians also found on Kenny Brown and Terrance Simien and the Zydeco Experience.This podcast episode was edited by Caley Ross.

An audio interview with Phyllis Lear, courtesy of Southern Arts Federation.

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This interview is conducted by Hannah Leatherbury (E-Services Manager,
Southern Arts Federation).

-- Hannah Leatherbury, E-services manager, for the Southern Arts Federation, shares these podcasts via The Southern Arts Federation showcases the work of outstanding Southern artists on a juried, online artist registry This interview and more are available at
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