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Tweets, Twitter, and Twitpix -- U understand?

Let's learn a little more about twitter in plain english, via this great video from commoncraft.

The strength of twitter is that 1) you can post via a variety of methods (mobile, via email using services, etc.) 2) anyone who "friends" (joins your twitter network) you receives your posts, 3) twitter posts are searchable and can be subscribed to via a number of services. That's all great, but why would you REALLY want to use twitter?

    Artists can use twitter for:

    Announcements: Announce art exhibits, receptions, & more

    Reminders: Send last minute reminders about events

    PR tidbits

    Find out about art events, call for entries, and more

    Network with other artists, museums, and galleries

    Share your artwork using twitpix

    Collaborate with others or volunteer

    Join twitter groups

So, give it try! You might find it fun and it might help you... and don't forget to look me up on twitter

Artists, Museums & Galleries using Twitter


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