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Durand Seay, Presage

To Durand Seay, it’s not about what you see it’s about how you feel about it when you step inside in to view his paintings. Durand recreates the atmosphere, one that is, a “process (in the) discovery of structures that grow with the piece organically through an intuitive spontaneity. “

As you walk about his images, whether it’s buildings, landscapes, organic abstracts, and even his human renderings, you feel the space about you. You even feel as if you could sit down with them or try to avoid getting in their way as they make their journey. A journey that Durand can respond to with determination, “takes me to newly discovered places in my mind’s eye.” His choice of colors, the size of the canvas and his brush strokes are bold, strong and natural.

southern arts
Durand Seay, Swan

But his mind also has another side-architecture. Once tolerated, he trained and studied in the field of creating and building functional structures was his way of visualizing and utilizing a need for creativity. Now after years in the field, he had developed an admiration for the art form. As one would imagine walking through these functional structures, his linear thoughts translate into his two dimensional work. The puzzle solving and sometimes scientific elements combine with beauty struck Durand as something he was good at. After years with blueprints, small scale models to actual pouring of the foundation it all came splashing in on the canvas. “Art and the essence of architecture are one and the same”.

Water, as we know it, the source of life or it can destroy whatever is in its path. To move the viewer through his work he keeps the viewer focused, less extreme, and they settle into their own journey of moving forward within our culture as one. His new work, has been exploring this concept and this will be a very interesting angle of his work and perhaps Durand is drawing outside the lines.

A native of Montgomery AL, Durand has shown all over the country and has many pieces in some permanent collections across the Southeast. He is a graduate of Auburn University where he received a Bachelors’ of Science in Environmental Design in 1977 and then a Bachelors’ of Architecture in 1978. He resides in East Atlanta where he is surrounded by the emerging art community there and works out of his studio.

At the end of day, after the glare of blueprints, the stretching of canvas and the obstacles of his journey had winded down, Durand Seay is fatigued, but spiritually bound for he has spent the day singing while he works. A fanfare of happiness, an anthem of declaration but most of all, a composition to celebrate a day well spent.

Exhibition: THE RITES OF SPRING – DEFOOR CENTRE – MARCH 19th to APRIL 30th with an artists’ reception on March 19th at 7:30PM. For more information: www.defoorcentre.com

For more information on Durand Seay: www.durandseay.com

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