The Twelfth Sign (poetry)

Ruler of emotions adrift

In a stormy sea brilliant blue

Waves break frothy upon the

Shore of a fantasy isle inventive

Imagination guides your intellectual

Genius much to the delight of confidantes

Kindred spirits we await in anticipation your

Charming humorous persona forever rewarded

Your love as grand as Jupiter god of daylight sky

Weather his thunderbolt roars king of the gods your heart

Filled with compassion like Neptune god of earthquakes horses

The sea evident when he calms the storm to save Aeneas’ Trojan fleet

Waters lap softly tranquil friendships reconnect affections strengthen bonds

Intensify your talents shine lustrous emperor of passion bold nobility your forte.

Brenda Basham Dothage
June 3, 2009

Brenda Basham is an artist, author and full-time student working on a Ph.D. in Psychology. In addition to her artwork and writing, she has experience in the publishing & PR industry.

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