Martha Elisa - Pure Color Bleeds Through Life

Martha Elisa is a colorist- a painter able to achieve special effects with color- her paintings, mixed media and encaustics bleed with emotion. A native of Mexico, Martha who now lives in Woodstock, GA, with her beautiful studio filled with her work is the featured artist at The DeFoor Centre in The Forum Gallery for the summer.

As I walked about the house, every inch was covered with her creations. Martha believes that artists should “(Let) them (the chosen materials) flow, releasing them means to be taken to a point of creativity. A splash of color, a line, the textures, the materials as such, will tell something.” She is surreal, then she can render precisely and then go back and transform back.

“It is not possible to arrive at the maturity and to a personality defined without the transit of the time and that it is what we will have to hope to confirm the spaces at which will arrive Martha Elisa Bojórquez with its art.” (Tomás Gondi-Marzo 1 del 2001)

Growing up in Mexico she dreamed of being whom she is now, a full time painter, where she is most happy. “We did not have many economic resources and art was not included in the public school curriculum. Those obstacles would never stop me from dreaming.” She sometimes longs for her country but carries her heritage in her soul and translates it to her work.

A true artist always wants to stretch and grow to see where their process will take them and Martha is no different. She is constantly looking, pushing and pulling along herself to get to the end or the beginning of the next journey. “I believe that this vocation is very important. The time one dedicates to researching, studying and experimenting new techniques will result in a higher standard of quality. Sometimes I am obsessive in studying and learning from artists I like most.”

When asked did she remember her first painting and Martha answers:

“Yes, it was a landscape scene created in my first workshop in 1981. The scene is full of dreams and glows with fantasy” and with that mindset Martha continues to achieve her dreams!

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