Minstrel man (poetry)

Minstrel Man, plays where he can
carries axe in hand, as he roams the land.
Music Maker, don't need no takers
if the sound feels right, he'll play all night.
Songs of life, Songs of death,
Songs of dreams, Songs of screams.
Plays when the mood, strikes his heart,
sounds washing cool, awaken the spark.
Opens your eyes, beckons the soul
Magic man, fears only his own.
He's paid the toll, for forever flight
plays all day, and plays all night
No worries, no fears, song feeds his soul,
never asks forgiveness as he sets the tone.
Music madness, drives men wild,
women in gladness, would have his child.
Passes through, never touching,
yet no soul, goes without the blessing.

-- Russell Lee Hale II is a poet, videographer and band manager, among the many hats he wears. His production company is Gypsy Dreams Productions and Gypsy Dream Writer is home to his writings.

An archive of Russell's articles is located here.

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