My Name Is Mary: A Poetic Journey Within Myself by Mary Bradley Busser

Mary Bradley Busser, My Name Is Mary: A Poetic Journey Within Myself (Xlibris, 2007)
ISBN: 978-1-4257-2655-3

When I wrote the news release about the publication of Mary Busser's book, I began by asking this question: "Are you ever to old to publish a book?". I answered my own question by saying that "Mary Busser of Newnan does not think so -- she has just had her first book published at the ripe old age of 91!".

Mary Busser also believed that she was never to old to recite poetry, which she did on several occasions at meetings of the Coweta Writers Group in spite of the fact that by then her macular degeneration had rendered her almost blind. These were unforgettable performances -- I have rarely ever heard anyone recite poetry with as much fervor as Mary Busser did at these meetings.

For this reason it is not surprising to see that the subtitle of her book is A Poetic Journey Within Myself nor that she introduces her book on page 5 with this line: "Poetry is my warm place where I go to touch the world", nor that she starts the book itself with these lines (p. 15): "My name is Mary and poetry is my passion".

Her book is a collection of various poems, sayings, and interesting reminiscences from her long life. And, whether poetry or prose, it is all poetically written. And expressed with passion. And both beautiful covers of her book show her reciting poetry -- with passion.

I am reluctant to pick out any particular theme from her book as being predominant, but, I guess, if forced to choose, I would say it is "love", and that her book can be of some help in restoring the great strong meaning and healing power this term once had in our language. Further indication of this is found in my own copy of her book which she graciously gave me, and inscribed therein this exhortation to me: "Stay Lovable!"

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