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Elliot Boswell, Painting Du Jour (Click video to start)

Video du Jour

Elliot Boswell, Atlanta Gallery owner has over 20 years experience in the film and movie experience. His interest in painting is what led him to opening a gallery. Combining painting and video, he creates one hour painting clips. Elliot tells us how he got started and a little bit of 'howto' for those wishing to create their own painting videos.

What inspired you to start the painting du jour video series?
It was a building process that came from taking reference photos of my paintings as I painted them. Eventually I took more and more then started putting them together as a slide show. That then progressed to a full video.

What equipment do you use? How much time does the average painting du jour video take to produce?
I use an Canon power-shot 630 Still Camera. I take stills and short movie clips on movie mode. I found this easier and faster to make the videos for the web site and YouTube. The video takes as long as it takes to paint the painting. Anywhere from 1- 36 hours then about 1- 2 hours to edit and finish the video.

How do you create a video? Do you story-board it, plan it out in your head, or just improv?
All improv. Down to the painting as well. It all depends on my mood.

What benefits do you find from the painting videos? Have there been any unexpected benefits and if so, what are they?

The videos have helped me be a more efficient painter. I can usually make changes to my work as I go. I has also become a great marketing tool to help show clients my work. It helps them get a better idea of my creative process.

As an artist working in a more traditional format (painting), how do you see technology moving painting forward? In other words, how can artists working in traditional formats utilize technology?

I feel that even with technology as advanced as it is and will become, you still have to have the basic skill set to be creative. Someone who draws will always have an advantage when creating a new work is involved. It doesn't matter it you are designing a new car to painting a nude, your work will will be far superior of you have the basic skills to understand form and function and how that relates to the world around you.

What advice would you give to artists interested in creating movies? Don't try to reinvent the wheel. movies are made a certain way because thats how its done. However, don't let that stop you from trying new things and developing your own formula and creative voice. Do what makes you happy and have fun doing it. Life is too short to anything else, right?

Thanks, Elliot!

Elliot's Painting Du Jour and more can be seen at his youtube site,
http://www.youtube.com/user/mesofun ; For more information about his gallery, visit the Boswell Gallery website.

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