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Martha Elisa - Pure Color Bleeds Through Life

As I walked about the house, every inch was covered with her creations. Martha believes that artists should “(Let) them (the chosen materials) flow, releasing them means to be taken to a point of creativity. A splash of color, a line, the textures, the materials as such, will tell something.” She is surreal, then she can render precisely and then go back and transform back.

Thank You for Introducing Me to Plein Air Painting

While taking some plein air classes in oils in Giverny, France I “saw the light”.The long daylight hours there in the late summer are incredible. After that time I’ve hardly been able to think of anything else. I study light as I travel down the highway, or walk my dog, or sit in church. Yesterday as I was reading my birthday present “Joaquin Sorolla” I tried to learn how he was able to make the light glow.

On Sampling Genres and Blogging: an Interview with Brian Ray (podcast)

Author Brian Ray talks about sampling different literary genres and learning what blogging is good for, in addition to reading excerpts from his recently published novel, Through the Pale Door.

Interview with the Puppetmasters (podcast)

Audio interviews with Michael Richardson, founder and lead puppeteer of Red String Wayang Theatre and Vincent Anthony of the Center for Puppetry Arts about Puppets Take Atlanta Beyond, "an international festival of magic and wonder."

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