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Growing Genius

Where does genius grow? How does it happen? Is it in the big cities, with all the varied and marvelous cultural stimulation and opportunities galore, that genius is most likely to grow? Is it, perhaps, in the watermelon patch, the ballroom of a Western saloon or the back yard of a small town?

Poetry of Wonder—Arthur Hinds (music review)

Arthur Hinds, has finally gone into the studio (Starbridge Studios, to be precise) and has emerged with his first solo offering, Poetry of Wonder.

Full Circle: The Solo Banjo Sessions—Bob Webb (music review)

The old Bill and Charlie Monroe tune, “Red Rocking Chair” gets Webb’s high lonesome tenor treatment next (as one might well expect), and my favorite Webb original, the lullabye “Sleepy Margaret” resonates on his delicate mandoline-banjo. The disc closes with a fine fretless reading of “The Cuckoo Bird” (this version via Clarence (Tom) Ashley) and the somewhat relentless closer “Last Chance” an up-tempo tune passed to Webb from Brian Seeger.