image of sparc top logo, montage featuring the artwork of drek davis, robin fay, mary padgelek, and rene shoemaker

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About the participating artists (Live interviews)

image of Drek Davis artwork, black heroes, a mixed media piece featuring wood, photocopy, paint image of Drek Davis artwork, poem2 detail, a mixed media piece featuring fabric, pencil;image of Drek Davis artwork, poem3 detail, a mixed media piece featuring fabric, pencil;image of Drek Davis at work in his studio

Drèk Davis currently works in mixed media, but in the past has worked with many different formats.In addition to finishing up his MFA in Art, Drek regularly contributes a column to the Athens Banner Herald. His subject matters are often related to art, inspiration, and socio-economic issues. Drek contributed artwork and video interviews to this project. To see more of Drek's work, visit his website
image of mary padgelek artwork, altar 1, a clay vase;image of mary padgelek artwork, altar 2, mosaic;image of mary padgelek artwork, building altar

Mary Padgelek works with collage and mosaic techniques. She is a very active artist with a Ph.D. in Art. She teaches and publishes in addition to making her own artwork. Mary [strives] to "depict a joyous, though complex world of the spirit that exists beyond our conscious awareness. [She explores] concepts that have importance in [her] life with the hope these ideas will be important to others also." Mary contributed artwork and video interviews to this project. To see more of Mary's work, visit her website:
image of Rene Shoemaker artwork, Greyhound bus station, fabric arts - dye, silk;image of Rene Shoemaker artwork, kind words rising, fabric arts - dye, silk;image of Rene Shoemaker artwork, sullivan st, fabric arts - dye, silk;image of Rene Shoemaker artwork, georgia bar, fabric arts - dye, silk;

Rene primarily works in fabric arts, hand dying silks and other fabrics. She exhibits regularly and is commissioned to complete large scale works. To see more of Rene's work, visit her website: Rene contributed artwork and video interviews to this project.
image of robin fay artwork, gift to the world, mixed media, paper, oil stick;image of robin fay artwork, hot lava, mixed media, paper, oil stick, beads;image of robin fay artwork, organic no.4, color photograph;image of robin fay artwork, organic no. 2b, color photograph

robin fay creates and exhibits in multiple formats, primarily mixed media/painting and photography. She keeps an electronic art journal online at Robin put this project together and contributed artwork.

About the participating artists (Thoughts on creativity)

image of Cathy Card artwork, garden
Cathy Card, Watercolor, pencil, computer art,, In addition to gardening and exploring new ways to create digital content, Cathy works in the graphics design profession.
Rachel Cabaniss painter (acrylics/ collage/ mixed media portraits) finds her inspiration in her favorite music. Her artwork currently focuses on portraits of old country music stars in the folk art tradition.
Frank Hamrick, photography, stories In between his teaching gig, Frank continues to explore photography. His work has been featured in many publications and exhibits.
image of Mary Jessica Hammes artwork, comics;image of Mary Jessica Hammes in studio on trapeze
Mary Jessica Hammes, Paper & Ink (comics); Fiber (quilting, knitting, wing); Performance (trapeze and aerial fabrics); Words (fiction), In between hanging around at Canopy on a trapeze, Mary Jessica continues to be active in the athens arts scene. In the past she has written art reviews for various publications, coordinated FLUKE ( a mini comics event), and is curating an upcoming exhibit for Athica on diaries and mini comics.
Bob Hart continues to explore art through a variety of media and currently works in sculpture using wood and bondo> He created and maintains the 9-11 Garden.-- Bob Hart,, creator of 9-11 Garden, currently working in 3d
image of Will Langford artwork, pottery, serving dish

Will Langford, clay (wheel made, stoneware functional pottery)
Will Langford is a very active potter and his work has been featured at many regional art exhibits. He is currently featured at Mark of the Potter.
image of Jennifer L. Matias artwork, African queen, portrait;image of Jennifer L. Matias artwork, art class, portrait
Jennifer L. Matias, painter(Acrylic, oil, interior design). In addition to the demand for her mural expertise, Jennifer focuses on portraiture. Her work is currently featured at Bluebell Studios & Galleries in Colbert.
image of Mandy Mastrovita artwork, herherher;image of Mandy Mastrovita artwork, kewpie;image of Mandy Mastrovita artwork, woomoonoonoo;
Mandy Mastrovita, graphic design, writing, mixed media,
Mandy works in many media, but her current emphasis is mixed media. Althought she likes to make things that, appear decorative on the surface, she always looks for the added "bite" to keep her art from becoming too saccharine.
K.R., collage/mixed media/assemblage. K.R. is currently exploring the world of collage/mixed through a variety of formats. She has her eye on refurbishing mint tins to become mini works of art.
Jasmine Odessa Rizer, writer, pen & ink, . Jasmine Odessa Rizer has been a contributing writer to many publications on the subject of music as well as short works of fiction. Most recently, she was featured in The Blotter, an arts magazine. Additionally, she produces mini comics and writes regularly in her blog.
image of Sarah Margaret Stubbs photographimage of Sarah Margaret Stubbs painting, paula portraitimage of Sarah Margaret Stubbs photograph

Sarah Margaret Stubbs, painter (oils), . Although Sarah Margaret Stubbs expertise is in portraiture, her 'funky' landscape paintings have been a delight to many.

Mary Tanner Hughes, Fiber Arts, quilts. She creates her quilts for the love of doing it and is always pleased when people like her creations.